Why to add your site to Chelepa directory?

  1. To get more visitors.
  2. To get more backlinks on your website this may help to increase the traffic.
  3. To improve your search engine ranking.
  4. To get linked.

How to submit your site?

To suggest your website URL to Chelepa Directory, navigate to the category that you want to add your URL and click on the Suggest a site link on that page.

We do not add all submitted URLs to our search engine.

  1. Do not submit each individual page of your site. Example: http://www.chelepa.com and http://www.chelepa.com/page.html
  2. Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  3. Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  4. Do not submit sites "under construction."
  5. Do not submit sites with illegal content.
  6. Do not submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.
Submit a site to the single most relevant category. Sites submitted to unrelated categories may be rejected or removed.

Warning No category selected! Please, select first your website category. Go back to Chelepa Directory, select your directory language and category.

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